Sunday, October 18, 2009

Las Seis Amigas

In High School your friends can either lift you up or pull you down--these girls were my life savers! How I love them all for different reasons! We got together last week at my friend Shara's house to catch up on each other lives! It was so fun to talk about the present, reminisce on the past and discuss our plans for the future. I don't know about them but when we get together I still feel like I'm 16 again. Man, we had some good times! Whether it was crashing on snow mobiles, spying on a New Year's Eve first kiss, playing laser tag in the trees or our crazy group dates, we ALWAYS had a good time. I'm so grateful for these girls and all they mean to me. And there is something about surviving high school together that makes you have a bond that lasts. There are so many other friends that I have from high school that I love too, don't get me wrong! But these girls saved my life!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tacky? Yes. Neccessary? Of course.

It's about that time--the gathering of the addresses for my master list of addresses to send wedding invites to. Yup. THAT time. And I want everyone on the list. So I realize that this is very tacky but also very efficient which is what I am going for.

Pretty, pretty please send me your address! Even if you think I have it, send it again just to be sure. What will you get in exchange? A beautiful wedding invitation with Pablo and I's picture on it. Nice, I know. So e-mail me at Thanks for complying!