Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mark, Kate and Charlie

I just wanted to spread the news--my former boss and his wife Kate are getting ready to adopt Number 2! I was around them when they got their first little guy, Charlie, and it was such a neat experience to see. You can tell by the way they look at him, that Charlie is LOVED. And I mean A LOT! He is sweet little boy and they have been amazing parents.
Here's just an example: The first time they left Charlie to go out to dinner, I offered to watch him for Mark. I think it was Kate's birthday so they were going to drive to IF for dinner. I am pretty sure they weren't even gone 3 hours and I think Kate called atleast 3 or 4 times. I didn't mind at all because you knew that she just wanted to know how he was, what he was doing and if he missed her. (I am sure he did!)
The point of this post: Sometimes adoption goes a lot better if you can help them. I know that my little blogging world isn't as large as it could be, but you never know. I put a button on my blog and I will also put a link to their adoption blog HERE. If you know someone or know someone who knows someone that is thinking of giving up their baby for adoption, I would HIGHLY recommend this family! Let me know if you have any prospects! I would love to see them get another baby!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm doing it...

It is way overdue and just in time but last weekend I committed myself and bought this AWESOME book above. I don't know if any of you feel like me, but I feel like every diet, every new exercise routine is going to be inspiring and helpful and I never last on them!
My mom actually got me watching The Biggest Loser when I got home and I never really watched it before but I have really gotten into it this season (I'm cheering for Tara! She's my hero!) It has really inspired me and then when I stumbled across this book, I decided it is time to start.
I spent 2 hours at the grocery store on Saturday finding all the right stuff and really looking at labels. I have my Biggest Loser Cardio Max and Power Sculpt DVD's on hand and I am ready. So, why am I writing this all down? I guess because if I don't, I am afraid I will just fail again. (Does that make sense?) They also say you need to write your goals down and report to someone. Well, whether you want to hear it or not, I am writing it down and reporting! Stay tuned more updates...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gratitude Attitude

Recently I have been given some friendly and not so friendly reminders that I have been in a slump since I moved back. I didn't know that my unhappiness and bad attitude was effecting everyone else but I have really been trying to work on it lately. It's hard when life just doesn't work out the way we want or plan, but I think the thing I have been forgetting is that God still loves me, He has a plan for me and I just need to roll with the punches! (It's so easy to forget that sometimes!)

Here are 15 things that I am grateful for: (in no particular order)

1.) My Family--do they get much better than these guys?!
2.) The Gospel. Sometimes I wonder how everyone else deals with things without the knowledge that I have.
3.) Having a job. It may be part-time and it may not be my dream job but money is money and I am glad I have just a little bit.
4.) Hot showers.
5.) Spring
6.) Yard work! It is a great hobby and a wonderful way to fill up extra time!
7.) The Biggest Loser Workouts--also wonderful ways to get rid of stress!
8.) Technology like gmail chat, Skype and MSN messenger.
9.) Great friends--all of you have been great support and I don't know what I would do without your shoulders to cry on!
10.) My Ward Family. Not a Sunday passes without people who love me hugging me and cheering me on.
11.) My parents. I know I already said family, but they deserve their own line--for putting up with me in their home and helping me along the way.
12.) Having a full belly--I am blessed to have never really known what hunger is.
13.) My nephews also deserve a line to themselves because they are what keeps me going somedays!
14.) Life--it has its ups and downs but man, I'm sure glad I am in the middle of it!
15.) Pablo. Words don't describe how grateful I am for him and all that he does for me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

What did you do this last weekend? Well, we had too much fun at my house! Friday was Lloyd and Sunni's wedding--it was so fun to see this happy couple get together! Lloyd is my sister-in-law Amber's youngest brother (what a mouthful!) but he has kind of been like another little brother to me for a long time now! I am happy for him and Sunni!And then we just played the rest of the weekend! (While we enjoyed Conference) Because Amber is here from out of town, we had to fit all our fun projects into one weekend! We decided to make these fun watches. Well, we were going to wait until next Saturday but we were too excited to wait! Here is just a sample of how cute they turned out!Isn't it cute? I think so. See--I am super crafty now! And then we decided to make some cake pops---YUMMY! Not so healthy but so cute and super good. We got this idea from Bakerella, a way fun blog! Check it out HERE. Ours were not as...creative, but still taste the same! I hope you all had a great weekend too!