Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Oregon...

Before my trip I had to get a new camera because my old one died...So I got a Kodak Easy Share 10 MP V1003. I LOVE it! My pictures have turned out great and it is seriously so easy to use and switch from modes. But one of my favorite options is the Panaromic Mode--I became obsessed with it in Oregon (hence the pictures above!) These are from the coast and the river we went to. And don't worry, in the top one, Emily, Cali and I are all jumping in different spots! Amazing, isn't it? So, for your viewing pleasure--here are a few of my favorites!

Oregon and the Sea Mist

I had a great time in Oregon this weekend! It was kind of a random, spontaneous trip that I took with my old roommate Emily to Eugene, Oregon to see her family. While we were there for the weekend, we got to see a lot of fun stuff like the coast and some rivers. We drove all day Friday and got to Eugene about 2 am. So we snuck into Emily's house because this was all a surprise to her parents! Saturday morning we went into Eugene to the Saturday Market. It's like a big sidewalk sale of artists and veggies and who knows what else. I've never seen so many hippies in one spot! At one booth, there were some horns attached to a headband and I was about to say something about it when I noticed the girl sitting at the booth was sporting a pair. (She must have been a Mormon!) We also went out to one of Emily's favorite spots where there is a lovely covered bridge and a forest by the river. On Sunday after church, we loaded up a lunch and with the whole family to the beach! We went to Heceta where there is a really pretty lighthouse and area to picnic, and stick your toes in the water. It wasn't too cold but we sure didn't take our swimming suits! We had a really great trip and even the 12-hour drive wasn't TOO bad!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I know what you are all thinking--another cooking post! But I don't have kids to write about so this is about as good as it gets! When I was back east with Alan and Amber, Amber made me this yummy Eggplant Parmesan. It was sooo good that I decided to make it for my friends! So there you can see the ingredients--eggplant, pasta, bread crumbs, spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese. You take the eggplants and slice them up and dip them in beaten eggs adn bread crumbs and fry them up! And then layer in a pan with eggplant, spaghetti sauce and cheese and pop it in the oven! I thought it was pretty good!! We had to do too different types--with gluton and without but I think it was okay! And it makes you feel good because it is all good for you, right?!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Hair!

Okay, so I wanted some change in my life and I decided that I needed to stop being a blond (okay, I just had some highlights for like 2 months...not really blond!) So I hopped on over to a beauty school that shall remain nameless (EVANS! It was EVANS!) and I thought I would give it a try. I told the girl I wanted a chocolate brown all-over color and "just a trim". I left with dark, almost black hair...well, what was left of my hair that is! It is definitely shorter then what I wanted and darker but I guess all in all, it's just hair and it will grow back, right?! I just wanted to look good for my trip this weekend to OREGON! Stay tuned for pictures...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just another tag...

Thanks to Katy for tagging me on this one!
Rules of this Tag:

1. Answer the questions about the list of friends and/or family on your blog.
2. If you don’t have 18 names answer the question about the next name that you have not had a question for on your list.
3. Tag 5 people.

When did you first meet the first person on your list?
Adam and Jessica were my co-workers at Prosper, Inc. I say were because they have since left me! I met Adam first because we started at Prosper around the same time and then later, after he and Jess got married, she became my co-worker too!

What do you like about the third person on your list's blog?
Alan and Amber...what is there to like about them?! Just kidding! I love them both so much! I am so lucky to have one of my best friends as my sister in law. And I could not ask for a better older brother. Alan has taught me all I need to know about life (whether I wanted to learn or not!)

What do you like best about the fifth and sixth people on your list?
Carlos and Janese--well, Janese was my third companion and my third mamita in the mission. She helped set a great pattern of hard work and love for missionary work and the people for me. Her husband Carlos is one of the greatest guys I know and loves his wife so much!

And number six, Cody and Lacey--I have known both of them for a long time too. Lacey and I were good buds growing up and dealing with Middle School drama! She has always been a great friend and a good example to me. And who doesn't love Cody?! He and I are both from the original Thomas 4th Ward!

How long have you known the ninth person on your list?
Doug and Laura--well, I have known Laura since the day she was born cause she's my younger sister! And Doug, her hubby, used to sit by me during group singing lessons! I probably have known him for much longer since he and Laura have been in love since they were like 6 I swear!

What impresses you about the eleventh and twelfth people on your list?
Eric and Katy are some of the best parents I know. I have never seen a dad more in love with his two girls then Eric. And Katy is also quite the mother, always putting her girls first in everything.

Erik and Camille--well, I don't know Camille very well, but if she can put up with Erik, that impresses me! Just kidding Erik! Actually, I look up to Erik a lot. I used to watch him every Sunday for years help out with his siblings in church. And then after his mission, he took care of me by being my substitute older brother!

What is a memory you have with the sixteenth person on your list?
Jacob and Ami--I think that Ami and I have some pretty fun memories along with all my Rock Springs Posse girls! Some of my best memories with Ami are when we were silly freshman trying to be all grown up. Those were the days!

Say something nice about the eighteenth person on your list.
James and Jamie--I have yet to meet James but Jamie and I share some good, summertime memories from BYU-Idaho. She was one of my roommates and I love her so much! I am glad that we lived together during the days of Scout. And that summer was one of my favorites--thanks Jamie!

Can I cheat and tag EVERYONE I wrote about and Kristy, Erin, Hillary and Kelly

Thursday, May 8, 2008

You know you are bored at work when...

A tag is the highlight of your day! Wow. It's gotten that bad and I have only been back at work for a week now! But my friend Kristy tagged me so here y'all go (whether you want it or not!)
Two Names You Go By: Beckita, Rebecca ( I think that now that I'm old, more people are calling me Rebecca...odd...)

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: cute new Gap sweater and Mudd shoes

Two Of Your Favorite Things To Do: read! and spend time with family/friends

Two Things You Want To Do Very Badly At This Moment: make a plan to get outta here and take a nap

Two Favorite Pets: KC and Duke (pretty sure they were my only two pets...)

Two People Who Will Fill This Out: Those who I tag? Hopefully?

Two Things You Did Last Night: cleaned the kitchen and watched Friends

Two Things You Ate Today: Life cereal and saltine crackers

Two People You Talked To: Mark and Emily (at work!)

Two Longest Car Rides: from Provo to Virginia and every time I go to Boise

Two Favorite Holidays: 4th of July and Christmas

Two Favorite Vacations: CHILE! and Tim and I's trip to NYC, DC, etc.

Two Favorite Drinks: Jamba (yum!) and chocolate milk

I tag..... Laura, Amber, Diane, Erin, Janese, Kayla, Kelly, Katy, Geraldine, Ashley, Michelle and Whitni (and anyone else who is just as bored as I am!)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Review

I am just going to be honest when I say that I was not really looking forward to being in Rexburg for the summer again. I guess now that I have graduated, I felt like I wouldn't have any friends, meet new people or have any fun. I know, it's silly. This weekend I got to spend time with my friends that I neglected during the last semester. Friday night we went to go see Iron Man--I highly recommend it. I would say it was my favorite of all the more recent Super Hero flicks. Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favorite actors and it was just a cool movie. Go see it! Then on Saturday night we had a nice little party at Sled Shed since Charles and Joe Hill are the new owners. We grilled hamburgers, played Guitar Hero and climbed the rock wall. Well, I didn't climb since I'm scared of heights, but you know. It was fun to just hang out and not feel guilty about not doing homework or anything. And then Sunday was a great day too--I have a fun singles ward and I made dinner (see below for full details on that cooking disaster...) I guess what I am trying to say is I love not being in school! It's so great to spend time with my friends again and not stress about assignments, tests, etc! What a life!

Dinner Catastrophe

I know how much y'all love reading about my mistakes and tradegies. Let's admit it now, they are pretty entertaining. So here's just another one to add to the list. My guy friends are always doing nice stuff for us and we hang out at their house frequently...sometimes daily. So I decided to make them a nice Sunday dinner after a long fast Sunday so they could come over and we could all just chat and enjoy fine cuisine. Right. Great idea, no?
I have church at one-thirty so that meant I needed to get up and get a few things ready before going to church so I could just come home and have less preparing. I knew we were all going to be starving so I was going to be prepared! I started boiling potatoes for the funeral potatoes and I set to making an Angel Food Cake from a mix. This is where it started to go downhill.
I've never made Angel Food Cake, have you? Let's just say it EXPANDS. The mix said to just add water and then mix it but boy did it grow! So I put it in the two loaf pans and read on the box that it could overflow. Yeah right, I thought. And I was wrong! (Imagine that!) It overflowed all right. Luckily I had just gone to peek on the cake and watched a chunk slowly start to fall so I stuck a cooking sheet underneath it. You may think the story is over, but oh no, it's not!
I eventually take the cakes out, just to watch them fall. Nice. I decided to worry about it later and got ready to go to church. Hours later, after I had enjoyed 3 hours in my new singles ward, I go home to start cooking. Little did I know, that I had forgotten to remove the cooking sheets covered in spilled over Angel Food Cake from the oven. All of a sudden, smoke is coming out of the oven and we open it (yeah, we are quick...) and smoke fills the kitchen! For a second, a vision flashed in my mind of my new townhouse catching on fire. Okay, so a bit dramatic but it was funny. As Charles, Joe and Oliver walked in to the smoke filled kitchen, they were a little nervous about how dinner was going to turn out. But don't you fret--dinner was delicious and the smoke smell left the house after a few hours...