Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Review

I am just going to be honest when I say that I was not really looking forward to being in Rexburg for the summer again. I guess now that I have graduated, I felt like I wouldn't have any friends, meet new people or have any fun. I know, it's silly. This weekend I got to spend time with my friends that I neglected during the last semester. Friday night we went to go see Iron Man--I highly recommend it. I would say it was my favorite of all the more recent Super Hero flicks. Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favorite actors and it was just a cool movie. Go see it! Then on Saturday night we had a nice little party at Sled Shed since Charles and Joe Hill are the new owners. We grilled hamburgers, played Guitar Hero and climbed the rock wall. Well, I didn't climb since I'm scared of heights, but you know. It was fun to just hang out and not feel guilty about not doing homework or anything. And then Sunday was a great day too--I have a fun singles ward and I made dinner (see below for full details on that cooking disaster...) I guess what I am trying to say is I love not being in school! It's so great to spend time with my friends again and not stress about assignments, tests, etc! What a life!


Kayla said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Are you ever going to tell me what number you live in so I can come see you??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Becki - what a fun trip you had and what an exciting weekend you had! I know I don't miss the finals or the homework......but I'm sure you will find that your time just zips away with other things! If you find yourself getting bored, I can hook you up with two crazy little blondies that can get you in all sorts of trouble - they need a good role model like you. I also had to take my blog private and I want to invite you, so if you could send me your email address, that would be great. (And it didn't have anything to do with my dumb park story.) Take care! We love you!

erin said...

why don't you just rub it in that you no longer have homework?! i am so procrastinating it.

i'm glad you liked "iron man" because that makes me feel good about going with it with all the boys. i'll let you know what i think of it.