Monday, May 12, 2008

Just another tag...

Thanks to Katy for tagging me on this one!
Rules of this Tag:

1. Answer the questions about the list of friends and/or family on your blog.
2. If you don’t have 18 names answer the question about the next name that you have not had a question for on your list.
3. Tag 5 people.

When did you first meet the first person on your list?
Adam and Jessica were my co-workers at Prosper, Inc. I say were because they have since left me! I met Adam first because we started at Prosper around the same time and then later, after he and Jess got married, she became my co-worker too!

What do you like about the third person on your list's blog?
Alan and Amber...what is there to like about them?! Just kidding! I love them both so much! I am so lucky to have one of my best friends as my sister in law. And I could not ask for a better older brother. Alan has taught me all I need to know about life (whether I wanted to learn or not!)

What do you like best about the fifth and sixth people on your list?
Carlos and Janese--well, Janese was my third companion and my third mamita in the mission. She helped set a great pattern of hard work and love for missionary work and the people for me. Her husband Carlos is one of the greatest guys I know and loves his wife so much!

And number six, Cody and Lacey--I have known both of them for a long time too. Lacey and I were good buds growing up and dealing with Middle School drama! She has always been a great friend and a good example to me. And who doesn't love Cody?! He and I are both from the original Thomas 4th Ward!

How long have you known the ninth person on your list?
Doug and Laura--well, I have known Laura since the day she was born cause she's my younger sister! And Doug, her hubby, used to sit by me during group singing lessons! I probably have known him for much longer since he and Laura have been in love since they were like 6 I swear!

What impresses you about the eleventh and twelfth people on your list?
Eric and Katy are some of the best parents I know. I have never seen a dad more in love with his two girls then Eric. And Katy is also quite the mother, always putting her girls first in everything.

Erik and Camille--well, I don't know Camille very well, but if she can put up with Erik, that impresses me! Just kidding Erik! Actually, I look up to Erik a lot. I used to watch him every Sunday for years help out with his siblings in church. And then after his mission, he took care of me by being my substitute older brother!

What is a memory you have with the sixteenth person on your list?
Jacob and Ami--I think that Ami and I have some pretty fun memories along with all my Rock Springs Posse girls! Some of my best memories with Ami are when we were silly freshman trying to be all grown up. Those were the days!

Say something nice about the eighteenth person on your list.
James and Jamie--I have yet to meet James but Jamie and I share some good, summertime memories from BYU-Idaho. She was one of my roommates and I love her so much! I am glad that we lived together during the days of Scout. And that summer was one of my favorites--thanks Jamie!

Can I cheat and tag EVERYONE I wrote about and Kristy, Erin, Hillary and Kelly


Katy said...

hmmmm. maybe it's just cuz I'm a computer-loser, but I can't see any words!!!! if this is just your idea of a joke, Becky, it is SO NOT FUNNY! ;D

Katy said...

Yay! i can read it now!!! So cute, I love to read about how you know other people on your list- makes ya really think how lucky you are to have so many good memories and friends! I'm so glad you did it!!

Anonymous said...

That is a really cool tag. Thanks for the sweet compliments - they gave me warm fuzzies and I really needed that today. Love you!

Campbell Family said...

I don't like you either. J/K. I love you. Thanks for the nice words.