Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home again, home again...

It has been a crazy few days but I am packing up and finishing up stuff here for my flight tomorrow night. It is hard to believe that on Friday afternoon I will be back in Idaho.

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your advice and love. Pablo and I have felt really calm about all these changes and even though it is going to be rough, we will survive. But thank you all for your advice and words of wisdom! See you soon! Oh and enjoy this nice little drawing that we had done...don´t mind my skimpy bikini...and you can enjoy Pablo´s nice hairy yet ripped stomach!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Change of Plans...Again

All good things must come to an end, right? Well how about just a little pause. I have been kind of avoiding posting this because I don´t really like thinking about it but it has to come out now! I am moving home. Now before you all start to fret, I am still happily engaged to the hottest Chilean out there and we are still getting married for time and all eternity at the end of the year! But, we have to take a little break from all of the fun we have been having and try to be adults now.

In order for Pablo to come to the States so we can get married, live, etc. he has to have a Visa (which means lots of fees and waiting 6 to 8 months) As we started making decisions like where we want to raise our family, live our lives, etc. it was obvious that in the States things are just a little better. So the next step is getting Pablo over there. Because I can make more money in the US to help pay for this nice little Visa, I am moving home. Yup. Blackfoot, here I come! (Never thought I would say that again...) And the sad reality is that Pablo will be here still. It is going to be a rough few months, but we know that in the end it will all be worth it.

So I hope that answers some questions too...I know a few of you have asked me where we are getting married, if we have a date, etc. and I haven´t really answered because we weren´t sure. But basically we can´t pick a date until Pablo´s visa is approved and we have NO idea when that will be. So stay posted for more when we get some answers. And if you have any good ideas of where I can get a job around the Blackfoot/Idaho Falls area I am open for ideas!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Emily´s Post

This post is long overdue and I am sorry Em! My friend Emily asked me a while ago to post pictures of common things in my life here in Chile to help her visualize them. So here you are Em!

Here is the subway station El Parron where I wait in the mornings to see just how crowded that darn train is going to be. Between the hours of 8 and 10, you can expect to be PUSHED on. Love public transportation!After my subway ride, I get off here, Santa Lucia. The tall building with the mirror windows is where I work--all the way at the top on the 26th floor.
Though it doesn´t look like much, here is the desk I work at as a Research Associate for Albagli Zaliasnik. They are jewish lawyers who work with trademarks. Kind of interesting I suppose. There website is here.

Though my job can be boring sometimes, I do have quite the view from the window.

After work I generally take the bus home (depends on my mood) and that can also prove to be interesting. This picture was taken on New Year´s Day which explains why no one was on the bus and the fact that I was brave enough to take a picture. Not the safest form of transportation...

Here is my view from the bus as I go home. No need for why I shouldn´t be taking out my camera on the bus I think.
When I get off the bus, Pablo is always waiting for me to walk me to his house. This was actually taken outside his house though because I probably shouldn´t pull out my camera at the bus stop either.

This is the street that Pablo lives on. Notice that there is no shade whatsoever! Sometimes I feel like I will die before getting to his house at the end of the street!

And finally I get to Pablo´s house! Where his Mom is always waiting...

Sometimes in the evenings I go with Pablo to class just to spend that extra time with him. This is the building where all of his classes are.

And then off to my home and to my room to sleep!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mixed emotions...

It has been a LONG day already...Last night we got the news that Pablo´s grandma had passed away. I know a few of you had asked about her and we appreciate your love and thoughts. We are headed back down to Polcura tonight around 11:30 and will probably be back by Sunday.

We also got some good news today too. My younger brother Tim and his wife Abby had their first little guy last night around 1:30 am. I think his name is going to be Dayton (not sure yet...) but he weighed 8 lbs 11 oz. and is 21 inches long! I wish I was there to give him big auntie-like kisses but I am excited for them! Congratulations Tim and Abby!

Daddy with new baby boy!
Look at those cheeks! What a sweetheart!
My nephew Blake and younger sister Laura with new baby Campbell. Blake has been really excited about this baby. Since the time Abby told us she was pregnant, Blake has been saying, "Abby - Baby".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Polcura, Chile

Yep, we have been bus...all night long...again... But this time it was more of an emergency. Pablo´s grandma (his Mom´s mother) lives in a tiny pueblito about an hour and a half from Los Angeles, Chile. (If you want to check out in a map, the town is called Polcura). Gernara Figueroa, Pablo´s abuelita, has recently took a turn for the worst and we aren´t sure how much time she has left. So last Friday Pablo and I decided we needed to head down and visit her before it is too late. We left Friday around midnight from a packed and crazy bus station in Santiago and got to his Grandma around 7:30 the next morning. We literally got off the bus in front of her house on the highway. It is such a different way of life down there!
We spent a few days in Polcura, enjoying his grandma and all of Pablo´s extended family. We stayed at his Uncle Manuel´s house--who was so nice to take care of us for a few days. His Tio had the nicest, almost gringo-like house and I enjoyed every moment in it! It is such a different life there! On Saturday, the maid killed a chicken right there and that´s what we had for lunch. I was dying. But Pablo just laughed at me.
I did fall in love with the scenery, it was so different from Santiago. It was nice to spend a few days getting to know Pablo´s family and breathing clean air! We hope that Gernara doesn´t have to suffer much longer but I did discover why her family loves her so much. She is a sweet, selfless person who loves Pablo so much.
Here are a few pictures that I took. If you notice I am not in the pictures because my hair did not exactly like the fresh, moist air! But I do hope these pictures show you why I fell in love with this tiny pueblito!