Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update on the whole Santiago stuff

Okay, not that I feel that important but I have gotten a lot of questions from some of you about me moving out of the country. And I figured it would probably be easier to answer them on here so that I don't have to repeat myself a billion times! (More like twice, but whatever...)

I've actually been thinking about moving to Santiago for about a year now (if not longer) and I was just kind of waiting to get school out of the way before I could do anything about it. Since I graduated in April, I just had to pick a good date to go! I am hoping to stay for a few years in Santiago at least but it will all depend on things once I get down there. I think that eventually I'd like to get more school done but right now I'm looking for some good experiences. I am currently working on getting TEFL Certified (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) so that I can get a better job. I don't have a job yet but I don't think it will be too hard to find one.

I'll be living with Tia Rosi, she's the aunt of one of my good friends, Geraldine Lara. She lives en La Cisterna (calle El Parron) for those of you who know where that is. And don't you all fret, I'll be updating my blog lots and I won't fall off the face of the earth! I am really excited about it all and just want to get down there! If you have any other questions, pregunteme no mas!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Needs...we all have them!

Okay, for lack of an exciting topic, I found this idea on a different blog. Go to google and type in your name and the word "needs" after it (i.e. Becki needs ) to find out what you really need! Here are a few of the needs that I found out! Kind of entertaining...

Becki needs- poetry or she will shrivel up and die. (not sure about this one...)

Becki needs Facebook. (enough said)

Becki needs a new hair color. (ouch! I like my hair color...)

Becki needs your help!!! (when don't I?)

Becki needs to know what to do Richard! (I guess just Richard will help me...) need to come to Florida. (on my way...making a stop in Miami on my way to Chile!)

Becki needs nothing.

Becki needs a cupid for her psyche. (hmm...)

Becki needs to be flash and cool. (aren't I already?!)

Becki sometimes needs to actually do some proper work! (blogging at work isn't proper?)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Puro CHILE tus cielos azulados...

It is very official. I am moving! I leave the 8th of October to move to Santiago, Chile and I don't think I could be more happy!! I've felt like this was a good decision for a long time now but I have been holding out to see if it really was the right one. And luckily everything just seems to be falling into place! I have seriously been blessed to have things come together like this! And I know it will be really hard to be far away from my family and friends but I have some amazing friends who are like family to me in Santiago also. And please come visit me whenever you want! It will always be nice to see familiar faces and speak some English! So hopefully my life will go from boring to exciting once I get this move behind me! (Yeah right, but we can always hope, right?)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Serioulsy So Blessed

I'm not getting paid to advertise or anything like that but I have just spent the last while giggling and falling in love with this blog. My sister told me about it and it kills me to read the stuff she writes! She's not for real (love her sarcasm!) but you just know people like her really do exist! So if you are looking for something to do and want to be entertained, check out Seriously So Blessed!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Update

It's been a bit since I have blogged anything and I'm sure you can all guess why...Nothing has been happening! Nothing worth writing about anyway. So I thought I would just put a few things that have been brewing in my boring life. But don't expect to be entertained!
The latest and greatest has been reading Breaking Dawn. (Thanks to Whitni for letting me borrow it!) So far, so good. But for those of you who are Twilight fans, I'm not going to say much because I don't want to give anythin
g away. I also read The Host awhile ago (by Stephenie Meyer also) and I think I will confess that I did like The Host better then the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle. But still, Breaking Dawn is captivating.
Another perk in the last few weeks has been the new season of Project Runway. I know you are all probably thinking that me, of all people, would like a fashion reality show, but seriously, I'm hooked! Even if I am just a jeans and tee shirt girl, I love watching the new and cool designs that they come up with each week and analyzing them as though I were the guest judge. (That will be the day...) My favorite is Kenley--I like her style a lot!
I'm also working on plans to move and get out of Rexburg for a while. I've sent off my resume and podcast to a few places in this city! I'll let
you know when all the plans are set and you can start saying your goodbyes! (Don't fret, you have a few months still...)
P.S. I recently got to see two of my good friends (who also are sisters!) and were my roommates at one time in my life, Kristy and Jamie. Here's a pic to prove that we actually got together! Love you both lots!!