Friday, January 15, 2010

A little late but still great!

Here are a few pictures from the BIG DAY! That morning my mom and I ran all over Santiago trying to find some roses for my bouquet and then spent the rest of the morning getting ready. We got to the temple around 1 pm and all the crazy Chilean temple workers were so excited to get me ready! The sealing was beautiful and everyone that was there was special to Pablo and I. These are all pictures of us after the temple. Notice there are no pictures posted of Pablo's parents--they are kind of on my bad list right now... So enjoy these ones and I will get some up from the reception soon too!

This last picture is on the top of San Cristobal. It's this big hill in the middle of Santiago where you can see all of the city. After the temple our friend Elias took us on a little "paseo" and after getting a coke, we headed up this hill. It was so fun because everyone was calling out stuff to us--one girl even said, "I want to get married too!" It was a beautiful spot to go to right after being sealed because we were feeling on top of the world!