Thursday, February 28, 2008

How I love Spanish class...

Okay, I know this is kind of silly but yesterday one of my teachers came to class and somehow we got on the subject of "the big talk" that parents have to have with their kids. I'm sure you all know what I mean. So, my dear teacher tells us the story of "the big talk" that he had with his son.

He waited until the two of them were going to be alone for a long time together--a trip to Salt Lake with just the two of them! He said he was worried that his son already knew too much and he wanted him to time to ask questions and really get the truth out. So my teacher on the way back from their little jaunt, turns to his son and says, "Son, we need to have a talk. Do you know what we are going to talk about?" Can't you just imagine how awkward this is for both father and son?! And so the son lets out a long sigh and turns to his dad and says, "Yes....we are going to talk about how I'm going to start my period soon, aren't we?"

My poor teacher had a lot of explaining to do to his little 11 year old son! It was just funny because not only is this just a classic example of how parents and children are never on the same page, but just how much worse it could be. I know this has nothing to do with me or spanish or anything at all in my life, but it was just too funny not to share! Oh how I can't wait to be a parent!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Tag...

20 Years Ago/Feb. 1988 - I was living in Kansas City, KS attending a Christian Preschool with my best friend Rachel Brandwein. I was such a cute 5 year old!

10 Years Ago/Feb. 1998- I was a freshman at Snake River High School, trying to figure stuff out like friends, boys and all other awkward teenage stuff.

5 Years Ago/Feb. 2003- I was pulling all nighters and changing 60+ diapers a day in Quito, Ecuador at 4 different orphanages. I loved my time with OSSO and it was so hard to come home!

3 Years Ago/Feb. 2005- Roaming the roads of La Cisterna, Chile as a missionary. This month was mainly spent knocking doors and doing 10 contacts a day...oh wait, that was like every day of my mission...

1 Year Ago/Feb. 2006 -Back at BYU-I taking some spanish and communication classes and living with some of my best friends--Michelle Moon and Tricia Marshall. I was also in the RS Presidency and working at the campus Preschool as a translator.

So Far This Year- Came home from a great 3 week trip to Chile, started my LAST semester of school and took on a few more hours at my lovely job at Prosper.

Yesterday- I worked all morning long until I went to class at 3 and after class read some in my book, Miau and then met up with a partner to work on out Ad/PR/Marketing Campaign for my Comm class and then read some more in Miau and chatted on the phone with a good friend until all hours of the night!

Today- Went to classes in the morning until 1 and then came to work at Prosper at 2.

Later Tonight- After I get off at 8, probably read in Miau (I know, I'm never going to finish it!) and then go jogging.

Tomorrow- Work and class again...what an exciting life!

This Year- I GRADUATE! A trip to Pennsylvania for some relaxation and celebration for graduating! Working at Prosper all summer long. And finding a new job somewhere in this crazy world...who knows where I will end up!

I Tag- Erin, Jess, Kayla, Hillary, Diane, Kristy and Janese ( I don't think anyone else really reads my blog...but if you do and you want to do this, consider yourself tagged!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

100 Things I LOVE!

Well, to be quite honest I did "borrow" this idea from Erin and Jess (check out their blogs too!) But since we are quickly approaching Valentines Day and there does seem to be quite a lot of love floating around, I thought I would make a list of 100 things that I love and share it with all of you. It's actually a lot of fun! They are in no particular order either. And I am sure that I love much more things than this, but 100 seemed like enough to share at the moment! Enjoy!

1.) Mil Hojas Cake--my favorite chilean food!
2.) Long phone calls from good friends
3.) Surprises
4.) My birthday
5.) Jackson, Blake and Marcus--the best things that ever happened to me!
6.) Traveling to new and exciting places
7.) The smell of fresh cut grass
8.) The sun on my face
9.) Getting in the car and hearing your favorite song on the radio
10.) Roommates
11.) Ocean wave music when I am trying to sleep
12.) Stay by Lisa Loeb
13.) Compliments
14.) Love notes passed on the bus
15.) My mission
16.) Hugs from my daddy--I just fit in his arms.
17.) Listening to Juanes
18.) Craigo's
19.) Baptisms
20.) When Primary kids sing in church
21.) Missionaries
22.) Scott singing to me when I've had a bad day
23.) Long, late night chats with my mom
24.) Babies! (especially brown ones!)
25.) Pride and Prejudice
26.) The Office
27.) Speaking Spanish to others when I don't want anyone to understand me!
28.) Manjar
29.) Quizno's salads when Mark buys them!
30.) Photoshop
31.) Facebook!
32.) My FHE brother Matt--he's so cool!
33.) Jackson singing primary songs
34.) The smell of Steiner Elevators
35.) The feeling you get while walking on campus late at night
36.) Sleeping late
37.) My job--I have never loved a job as much as this one! Yeah for Prosper!
38.) Trips to Pennsylvania
39.) The font Arial
40.) My convert Andrés and all his patience
41.) Chatting online
42.) Summer nights on my front porch
43.) Listening to Grandpa Tyler sing
44.) Cheesy chick flicks and old romantic films
45.) El Chavo del Ocho
46.) Sunday afternoons at Mom and Dad's
47.) Instant messaging Erin or Jess when I am sitting right next to them
48.) Instant messaging Amber while I am at work
49.) Taking classes just for fun like Home Decor or Bowling
50.) Playing with Blake
51.) Falling asleep on the couch at Chuck and Dylan's
52.) Oliver's hot chocolate
53.) New shoes
54.) Pants one size down from the last pair
55.) The beach
56.) Blind dates
57.) Back rubs and foot massages
58.) Good photography
59.) Random trips to Dancin' Dogs with Drew
60.) Singing in the car loudly
61.) Nacho Libre
62.) Theme Parks
63.) Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen
64.) Temple trips with Ryan Ball
65.) Jack Black--I LOVE HIM!
66.) CHILE
67.) Summer time
68.) Test driving cars
69.) Red heads
70.) Ben and Jerry's
71.) Gap jeans
72.) Gift cards
73.) Aunt Jan
74.) Coca Cola
75.) Pedicures
76.) Brownstone's Black and Bleu burger
77.) Inside jokes
78.) Regina Spektor
79.) Best friends and all the benefits that come with them
80.) Letters in the mail
81.) The First Vision in Spanish
82.) The 4th of July and fireworks
83.) Text messages
84.) Feeling butterflies in your stomach
85.) Steak and baked potatoes
86.) Barnes and Noble
87.) First kisses
88.) Spending time with the people I love
89.) Paydays!
90.) Talking about the good ol' days with my siblings
91.) Reading other people's blogs!
92.) Reading the scriptures in Spanish
93.) Doing good on a test or project
94.) Phone calls from boys I like
95.) Target shopping
96.) Clearance clothes
97.) Sunsets in the summer time
98.) The subway in Santiago
99.) Meeting new people
100.) Falling in love

Friday, February 8, 2008

Things Won't Ever Be The Same...

Okay, I know, I know, two posts in two days--and without a single picture? But I guess a lot of blogging has to do with online journal keeping if you will. And it has been a rough week--heck it's been a rough 9 months. I have never been so happy or so sad in my whole life and confused at the same time. But as I sat here thinking and crying and trying to put on a happy face, I came across a quote on a blog of a friend of mine. So without his permission, I am going to share it with y'all.

"When going through an experience we often think, “Will I ever get back to ‘normal’, will things ever be the same?” The answer is no. Every experience you have changes you forever. Things will never be the same. They are changed forever. In fact everything we do affects us forever. What you are doing right now; the thing you are doing right now is affecting and changing you for eternity."

Pretty deep, Cody Russell McComas. Life is just like this--and I guess I have to ask myself if I really want to go back to what was "normal"? Or is it time to move on?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What next?!

Well, as I have already announced, I am getting ready to graduate--I can hardly wait!! But I guess at the end of all good things comes changes and that's where I am at a stand still. I feel like there are many different things that I could do, but I'm just not sure what to do. So this is a cry for help--I am graduating with a Bachelors in University Studies. My minor is Spanish and I have a cluster in Communications and a cluster in Family/Home Education. So what this basically means is that I am not really graduating in anything but generals. I realize that I am 25 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. So I am open to any suggestions--as long as they don't recommend me to stay in Rexburg! :) I have thought about finding a good job in Pennyslvania near my brother and sister in law and I have also thought about taking the big plunge and moving to NYC. Another option is moving to Santiago for a while and working down there. But I am open to any other suggestions so feel free to give me advice! Yup, that's right, I am actually asking for y'alls opinions!