Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm in a Blog Slump

Hello, my name is Becki and I a blog slump! I will admit it! Let me explain my "excuse". I sold my laptop and bought an iMac that I LOVE, love, LOOOOVE! But I don't have Photoshop on it yet and I hate putting unedited photos on my blog. But I might just have to suck it up and do it. Okay, I will! Just don't judge me.
Also, there hasn't been too much excitement around here. I am working at Fort Hall Elementary in the Kindergarten room and I LOVE it! My kids are so stinkin' cute and fun. So to get me out of my slump, I borrowed this from my friend Tiniel's blog to get me writing again. Enjoy!

I AM: enjoying the feeling after a Biggest Loser workout. (I feel good now, but tomorrow is another story!)

I AM THINKING: about all the bills I need to pay after I get paid on Friday.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR: free rent with my parents, my family and Pablo.

I AM WEARING: cutoff sweats and an old American Eagle tee shirt.

I AM CREATING: a magnet board for my new home.

I AM GOING: to work tomorrow.

I AM READING: Bleachers by John Grisham for lack of options.

I AM HOPING: to finally get married!

IN THE KITCHEN: are the jars of salsa my Mom canned yesterday--yum!

AROUND THE HOUSE: are the toys that Blake leaves in the most inconvenient spots!

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: is talking to Pablo at the end of the day.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE WEEK: work on my magnet board, send Michelle her watch, mow the lawn, do some much needed laundry and watch The Office premier! Woo hoo!