Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm in a Blog Slump

Hello, my name is Becki and I a blog slump! I will admit it! Let me explain my "excuse". I sold my laptop and bought an iMac that I LOVE, love, LOOOOVE! But I don't have Photoshop on it yet and I hate putting unedited photos on my blog. But I might just have to suck it up and do it. Okay, I will! Just don't judge me.
Also, there hasn't been too much excitement around here. I am working at Fort Hall Elementary in the Kindergarten room and I LOVE it! My kids are so stinkin' cute and fun. So to get me out of my slump, I borrowed this from my friend Tiniel's blog to get me writing again. Enjoy!

I AM: enjoying the feeling after a Biggest Loser workout. (I feel good now, but tomorrow is another story!)

I AM THINKING: about all the bills I need to pay after I get paid on Friday.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR: free rent with my parents, my family and Pablo.

I AM WEARING: cutoff sweats and an old American Eagle tee shirt.

I AM CREATING: a magnet board for my new home.

I AM GOING: to work tomorrow.

I AM READING: Bleachers by John Grisham for lack of options.

I AM HOPING: to finally get married!

IN THE KITCHEN: are the jars of salsa my Mom canned yesterday--yum!

AROUND THE HOUSE: are the toys that Blake leaves in the most inconvenient spots!

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: is talking to Pablo at the end of the day.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE WEEK: work on my magnet board, send Michelle her watch, mow the lawn, do some much needed laundry and watch The Office premier! Woo hoo!


Campbell Family said...

So I never edit my pictures before posting them. Does that mean you're judging me?? :)
Cute post. How are you making a magnet board? I want to make something magnetic for the boy's room to put up all of Jackson's pictures. I was thinking of just painting a wall w/ magnetic paint, but maybe I should hear about what you're making first. :)
Good job for working out. I need to do better at that.

Merrill Clan said...

I was beginning to think you were just going to bag the whole blogging thing until after the wedding.

I still want details about your life. Wedding..where are you going to live?

We miss you and your family!!

'T' said...

so fun to have a post from my beckita burrita. thanks for the kind words on sunday after the program; it made my week, seriously.

Katy said...

i totally know what you mean... sometimes blogging is sort of a chore and the slump happens! Great way to break out though, i love reading things like that!

I also want to thank you for your kind words... I am so grateful for such good friends like you and for your support... you have no idea how much it means to me. So thank you!

Palmer's said...

I was just thinking about you Tuesday when I was watching the premier of the Biggest Loser because I know you LUUU-OOVVVEE it!. I am glad to hear from you but don't worry I go through slumps too. Also I don't edit my pictures - maybe I should finally learn how and then maybe I'll end up like you but then I'll have more stuff to do! Good to hear from you - Love ya!

TheSmithLife said...

Hey hey :) a magnetic board is exactly what I have been wanting to make. I plan to paint it with chalk board paint so it is a magnetic chalk board. I have been checking out many of the fabulous craft blogs lately... staying up way to late... but loving all the 'do it yourself' ideas. You'll have to post a picture of yours! I Miss You, I hope you have a great day :)

TheSmithLife said...

p.s. I checked out your friends blog- great pictures... they made me extra happy since one was of Silver Falls in Oregon... so close to where I live, it's one of my all time favorite places! Anyway- that made me pretty happy just now. Thanks :)

Jake and Tricia Jones: said...

Beckita-I love you. I think that you should watch the office at our apartment...not that you will probably check this before then, but I miss you. I lost your phone number because Mr. Clark broke my phone. So give me a call sometime...even if it isn't tonight.

Emily L. Dixon said...

Office Premier!! Becki Campbell! Where would I be without you?! Running around with my head cut off, thats where!!

Brian and Carly said...

You crack me up...always! Love the background you've got up! Can't believe you are getting hitched in just a few short weeks. Yahoo!

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Hey you. Good to hear from you. I've been out of the blogging loop for a while when we moved and just got caught up. Hope all is going well.