Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Magic Flute

So last night my two roommates Ashley and Emily went with me to the campus production of Mozart's The Magic Flute. I will say that I was actually very impressed by the whole thing! The music was awesome and there were quite a few songs that I recognized but didn't know they came from this production. The costumes were amazing and the singers were very talented. The play had been translated into English but they had two big signs on each side of the stage where they projected the words to follow along. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I was very impressed with BYU-I theater! And President and Sister Clark were there!

I was thinking that I would love to see this on a more professional level and I found the San Francisco Opera's site from when they performed The Magic Flute. So if you want a re-cap of the play, you can watch the video on their site here!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! My roommates and I had some fun dying Easter eggs today and then I got to have a little photo shoot and some fun in Photoshop afterwards...These are a few of my favorites!
For Easter we are going to have a FHE dinner complete with a ham AND deviled eggs! It should be just as good as any home cooked meal! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Calling All Ty Detmer Fans!

I'm currently taking an Anthropology class and it's possibly the easiest college class I have ever taken. We talk about the most random stuff and believe it or not, I'm actually learning a lot. But my teacher always tells the craziest stories. He's the most apostate teacher I have had on this campus. But he told us a funny story the other day that I have to share (even though he swore us to secrecy!) And as a side note, this is NOT the same teacher that told the crazy son/period story. (Read below if you haven't heard that one yet!)

My teacher attended BYU during the Ty Detmer era and worked at a burger place that was near the BYU football offices on campus. There were always football players and coaches coming in and getting food. Because of the location, students would constantly leave items for the players, but most especially Ty Detmer, to sign. Items like footballs, posters, etc. were always just laying around the burger spot. So, my teacher admitted to us in class, that he would pick up the items and when no one was looking, would sign his name as close to Detmer's as he could. So if anyone has a signed football from this era, check near Detmer's name for a Stephen Smith! Those balls may not be as valuable as you thought...

Random Book Tag

Okay, for lack of a better post, I borrowed this idea from my friend Kelly's blog. There isn't much to update on my life--just homework and work. So there really isn't much to talk about.
But I am reading this real good book right now that also counts for my Hispanic Civilation class. Okay, my opinion may be a little biased (just for the record) because this book is about Inés Suárez, who traveled with Pedro de Validivia in the 1500's to establish and conquer Chile. It's historical with a love story intertwined!! Anyways, heres the idea of the Book Tag...

This is what you do:
1. Pick up the nearest book (with at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next 3 sentences.
5. Tag 5 people.

So here it is--from Inés of My Soul by Isabel Allende (who is chilean!)

He always struck me as disagreeable because he treated the Indians badly, was miserly, and unkind to the poor, but I learned to respect him for his courage and loyalty. Monroy, who had been born in Salamanca and was a descendant of a noble family, was just the opposite: refined, handsome, and generous. We immediately became friends.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

If I Fall, You're Comin' Down With Me...

I am SOOOO sick of snow, ice, coldness, etc. here in Rexburg. And today was the worst of it all. Now, I think I have been a pretty good sport this winter dealing with the below zero walks to class in the morning and the unreal piles of snow everywhere you look. I have dealt with the bad roads and the crazy drivers on them. And I will admit I have slipped a few times on the icy sidewalks and still been a good sport. But today tops it all!
I was hurrying off to my 8 am class which is just down the sidewalk from my apartment. I was pretty upset that it was snowing and that I had to pull out my boots again to go to class. And doesn't it always seem like when you are having a good hair day it has to snow and ruin it? Well, I was in a hurry but being extra careful at the same time when I reached what I thought was a clear spot on the sidewalk. BAM! I fall. It really wasn't too bad at this point so I get back up. As I am getting up, I notice a girl walking towards me, talking on her cell phone. I look at her and say, "Be careful, it's really icy!" She then turns to me and very rudely says, "Yeah, I know!" As the words leave her lips, she biffs it. BAM! She falls hard. I should have just walked off, but as she started to cry I decided to do the right thing and help her up. As I make my way to her, all of a sudden BAM! I fall again. This time I hit the cement hard, hitting my butt and my head on the cold surface. It hurt. I start to struggle to my feet because the girl is still crying, but I am seeing stars and trying to get my balance. Right then I notice a third girl, walking down towards us, asking if we are alright. Then BAM! she falls in the same spot as me and the other sobbing student. We eventually all made it up and out of that spot, but needless to say, my head and my rear are quite sore.
Looking back it was probably very funny for other people, but I was not very happy about falling--not just once, but twice in my efforts to help the snotty, sobbing stranger. Why did I decided to come to school here?! Oh well...let's just hope that summer gets here and QUICK!

Friday, March 7, 2008

ABC's of Me:

Thanks to Kayla and me being bored at work for this one! Who invented tags anyways?! But I guess what goes around, comes around right?

ABC's of Me:

A: Attached or Single: SINGLE!
B: Best Friend: Too many to list
C: Cake or Pie: Does cheesecake fall under cake?
D: Day of Choice: Friday
E: Essential item: Cell phone
F: Favorite Color: Purple
G: Gummi Bears or worms: Worms--they are so yummy!
H: Hometown: Thomas, ID
I: Indulgence(s): Cadbury eggs...yum!
J: January or July: JULY--I love summer!
K: Kids: None.
L: Life is Incomplete Without: all my loved ones!
M: Marriage Date: TBA
N: Number of Siblings: 2 hermanos and one hermana
O: Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P: Phobias or fears: Terrified of heights!
Q: Quote(s): Life is tough and then you die--my Dad ALWAYS says that!
R: Reasons to smile: Three words--Jackson, Blake and Marcus
S: Season: Fall
T: Tag six: I think I have done enough tagging lately...if you want to do this though, then consider yourself tagged.
U: Unknown fact about me: Well if I wrote it down, then it wouldn't be unknown, right?
V: Vegetarian or Oppressor of Meat: I love a good steak now and then.
W: Worst habit: My small addiction to Facebook--it's the best thing for when you have nothing to do.
X: X-rays or ultrasounds: I don't think I have ever had either one...unless you count at the dentist's office?
Y: Your Favorite Food: I LOVE Craigos--Buffalo Wing Thing!
Z: Zoo, Favorite Animal: The monkeys!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wave of Nostalgia

Today I had a trip down Memory Lane at the Idaho Falls Airport. Just barely two years ago (2 years and two weeks, but who's counting?) I came home from my mission. And today, Elder Tyler Andersen came home from his mission in Texas. I don't think I have been inside the IF airport since I came home and it was weird to walk inside and think about what has happened since I have been home. As we waited for Tyler to come down that escalator, I told his mom, my Aunt Linda, that coming home was the worst thing that ever happened to me. And then I started to cry. I know, sad, huh?

Seriously, I am so glad that I went on a mission. I have never been more happy in my whole life--not ever. I know, it sounds crazy that when you are so far from your family, living this crazy strict life, knocking doors all day long, getting rejected constantly and dealing with all the stuff that missionaries have to deal with--and yet I was so happy. Being a missionary was the best thing I ever did--it was the hardest but the most rewarding. I learned so much about myself and the gospel. So even though I have a great life now, I think I will always think back on my mission and miss that pure joy that I got to feel. I guess I just felt a wave of nostalgia today, remembering what it was like to take that missionary mantle off and become Becki again...but never forgetting my time as Hermana Campbell.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay, I am just going to be honest about some stuff here--when I fall in love with an item, I become obsessed with it! I can't get enough of it! Like, Sara Bareilles new song, Love Song! I seriously could put in on repeat on my iPod and listen to it all day long!! If you haven't heard it or her, check it out!

And since we are on the subject of my obsessions, I have a favorite photographer who is so talented and I check his blog daily for new updates. His name is Mark Weinberg and we actually served together--started out in the MTC together. I LOVE his work. He just got back from a trip to Hong Kong, so check out his new shots!

Another thing...I love Pita Pit. Once again, another new obsession. Rexburg just got a Pita Pit (on College Ave.) and I love it. I love how they cook your food right there and then stuff your pita full of delicious veggies and it is always so big that you can not barely fit it in your mouth! Yum!