Friday, March 7, 2008

ABC's of Me:

Thanks to Kayla and me being bored at work for this one! Who invented tags anyways?! But I guess what goes around, comes around right?

ABC's of Me:

A: Attached or Single: SINGLE!
B: Best Friend: Too many to list
C: Cake or Pie: Does cheesecake fall under cake?
D: Day of Choice: Friday
E: Essential item: Cell phone
F: Favorite Color: Purple
G: Gummi Bears or worms: Worms--they are so yummy!
H: Hometown: Thomas, ID
I: Indulgence(s): Cadbury eggs...yum!
J: January or July: JULY--I love summer!
K: Kids: None.
L: Life is Incomplete Without: all my loved ones!
M: Marriage Date: TBA
N: Number of Siblings: 2 hermanos and one hermana
O: Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P: Phobias or fears: Terrified of heights!
Q: Quote(s): Life is tough and then you die--my Dad ALWAYS says that!
R: Reasons to smile: Three words--Jackson, Blake and Marcus
S: Season: Fall
T: Tag six: I think I have done enough tagging lately...if you want to do this though, then consider yourself tagged.
U: Unknown fact about me: Well if I wrote it down, then it wouldn't be unknown, right?
V: Vegetarian or Oppressor of Meat: I love a good steak now and then.
W: Worst habit: My small addiction to Facebook--it's the best thing for when you have nothing to do.
X: X-rays or ultrasounds: I don't think I have ever had either one...unless you count at the dentist's office?
Y: Your Favorite Food: I LOVE Craigos--Buffalo Wing Thing!
Z: Zoo, Favorite Animal: The monkeys!


MarshandKrissy said...

Random--but do you still talk to Cody? What is he up to these days? what about Jordan? I know Julie was engaged but oh my gosh--remember that bus ride--and the awkward hugging of legs!!!! ;-) Oh I miss the burg and those days.

Kayla said...

I know what you should of put down for your unknown fact: That you dump out packages of M&M's to eat them, and justify dumping them all out by saying you only eat the green ones. :)

Anonymous said...

que pena que jamas dijiste nada o me lo podrias haber dicho a la cara, como te dije angel me conto pero no te preocupes que el cumplio su palabra. Si te hize mal disculpa, pero lo malo que hice esperaba escucharlo y creo que a ti no te hice nada...esto es lo ultimo de mi, no mas telefono ni escribir cosas.....pero feo, muy feo lo quehiciste...sobre todo por una ex-misionera

tu sabes quien soy.