Saturday, March 27, 2010

Relay Auction

How would you like to have a fancy, homemade, classy CD holder for your car?! This year to raise some money for Relay for Life I am auctioning off 2 of these babies! The one in the picture is one that my friend Michelle made me and I plan on making two of these to be auctioned off.Each holder has coordinating fabrics and elastic on the back to hook it onto your visor in your car. AND I will even throw in a personalized CD mix made by myself for YOU!If you are interested then leave a comment with a bid and see what happens. I will ship it to wherever. The 2 highest bidders will each get: a CD holder for their car, a personalized mix CD and get a luminaria bag for every $10 spent. (The luminarias are the bags that you or I can decorate to honor someone with cancer or who has had cancer.)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Leafy Treetop

All of my friends are talented in one way or another but today I'm going to brag about Tricia. She has her BFA in Illustration and she has TALENT! When we were roommates she was always working on a new project and it seemed like I always went to bed before her and woke up after her because she was always painting, drawing, etc. I love her sweet pictures and the great colors she uses!

She is starting an etsy shop to sell prints of her wonderful artwork. And I think that YOU should check it out. These would be perfect for a nursery, kids playroom or in a classroom. And they are more than reasonable priced. Go check her out and click HERE! Keep checking back because she will adding more when she has them available.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We just found out that Pablo's visa has been approved!! I still can not believe it is true! Now that we have approval here it will go to Santiago and he will have to do a few things there before they allow him to come. But the second he gets approval in Chile we are booking his ticket!!! I am so excited to be with him again! It feels so real now! YEAH!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


It is time to get ready for the 2010 Relay for Life! This is such an amazing experience and I am so excited to participate this year. I am even getting to help out with the Committee just a bit and it is fun to work with such talented ladies who pull this huge event together! (Above is a flyer that Pablo designed for our Relay for Life--I think he did a pretty good job! )

So how can YOU get involved? Well, if you live near Blackfoot join a team! My team! My sister Laura is team captain and we would love to have as many people join our team as possible. This year's event is June 18th and 19th (it's overnight). We take turns walking all night long and stay up and have lots of fun during the process.
My favorite part of the whole night is when we light the luminarias. These are bags that people can purchase for $10 and decorate to honor a cancer survivor or someone who has passed away. This year I plan on decorating one for my Grandpa Campbell who is struggling with cancer and my Uncle Jed who has just started his cancer journey. They are both amazing men and deserve to be honored.
Questions? Ask me. Want to sign up for a team? I can help with that too! Just want to make a donation? Click HERE! And stay tuned because I have a fun fund raising prize to make for people this year...coming soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Reception: Chilean Style

On Christmas Day my parents, Pablo and I, and some of our AMAZING friends all met up at Pablo's church to set up for my reception. Pablo being the amazing groom that he was had set up help and had rented and gathered all of the materials. Now, just to let you know, Chileans stay up until midnight Christmas Eve and open all their presents. We had gotten home from our Christmas Eve festivities around 2 am. So we were all pretty tired! Some of my friends washed all of the rented dishes, others washed the chairs, we set up tables and decorated and dried dishes and did it all. We would not have made it without my parents and our amazing friends Jennifer, Mauricio, Elias and Betsabe who did so much work.

There is your preface to the acutal reception. Pablo's church is a two-story building. On the first floor are the classrooms, offices, bathrooms, etc. The whole second floor is the chapel and the cultural hall (seen above) It ended up looking very nice--even with Pablo's uncle's hideous and dead flower arrangements...but that's another story in itself.

Pablo and I arrived at our reception just in time for the cocktail that was being served. His dad did all of the food and had chicken wings with special seasonings and canapé. After the cocktail and visiting we sat down to a meal of salads, meat and vegetables and fruit for desert. And then the dancing began!
I think my MIL is trying to do the peace sign or something...but doesn't the groom look oh-so-handsome! I love that guy!Our good friend Elias. It gets pretty crazy at those Mormon parties you know...The cutting of the cake--my cake was a non-traditional Mil Hojas cake. It is my FAVORITE in Chile. Basically it is a cake made of crackery-thin stuff and manjar (it's like dulce de leche--not the Mexican kind, the Argentine kind) Anyways, it was yummy! Pablo's dad also made the cake which saved us tons of money!

It was a great evening and a lot of fun! The most important people from my mission and my time living in Chile, were there and I'm so glad I was able to spend that time with them. It was a really hard decision for me to give up having my "dream" wedding with all of my family and friends but to be sealed to Pablo was worth the sacrifice. So hopefully soon Pablo will be here and we can show him what an American reception is like!