Monday, August 17, 2009

Long over due...

I have been meaning to let you in on one of my favorite things but I just haven't had time to sit down and do it! Sorry to hold out on y'all-it's been crazy around here. Just as a summary, I gave myself a week off between jobs to get caught up on all the things I needed to do but instead ending up helping my Mom because her life has been too crazy! Last week was spent at hospitals visiting my Grandpa Tyler who fell down 4 weeks ago and broke his leg (he's 91), my aunt Sondra who had a minor back surgery, and my Grandma Campbell who had her hip replaced. Unfortunately, they were all at 3 different places so it made visiting a little hectic! We also spent Friday and Saturday preparing food for my newest step-cousin's wedding. After 800 kabob's, I thought I was done but then we served the food at the Rose River Reception and boy was it crazy! BUT today and tomorrow are MY days and Wednesday I start with school meetings and the kids start school next Wednesday, the 26th. Whew!
So now to get on with the point...(there is one, you were worried, but there is a POINT.) One of my all time favorite roommates and best friends recently returned for a study abroad in SCOTLAND. And this study abroad just happened to be a photography study. Do you see where I am getting with this? Her work is AWESOME! I have always loved the stuff Emily does, but I am so impressed with her that I thought I would share her BLOG with you guys. Go check it out--you know you want to... (and don't forget to hit the older posts button at the bottom of the page to see more of her work!) Click HERE if you missed the other two links...


Katy said...

first off, you've been one BIZZY girl (ha, like how i spelled that... i'm so hard core)

i'd have loved to see the end product of all those kabobs... dang kabobs!

hope your family gets better soon and is well on the mend... i hate when things like that happen to your loved ones.

and lastly.... I. LOVE. the. BLOG. yours AND your friend's!!!! wow, what awesome art.. she's fabulous and dang it, study abroad in SCOTLAND?!?!? how the devil is that fair???? awesome awesome work though!!!

Hillary said...

Hey Beck~ Have you thought about going into advertising;) You'd be really great! How are things? Hope the new job is going well!

Cherry_blossom said...

Hey mi wachita!
Love ur background and ur music in ur blog!!

That song reminds me very a good times that i had in USA.

So, today and always gonna be only good memories, one of them was get to know you and all ur support!
Ur an incredible woman!

Te kiero amiga.

'T' said...

Beckita Burrita - K, that nickname came right off the cuff! I do use a photo program, "photo impact pro". Some of those that I took of Annie's family were just by the Merrill's by their old sheds. Ty and Darrec and Seminary teaching buddies. Too fun. T~~

Campbell Family said...

Busy, busy as a bee! I'm glad you guys made it through a crazy month!! I loved Emily's pictures. BEAUTIFUL!