Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feliz Cumpleaños Pablito

Happy Birthday Pablo! I love this guy so much that I am going to do the cliche, blogging, things I love about him for his b-day! But so that he can understand too, I'm going to put it in Spanish too!

A Few Things I Heart About Pablo/Algunas Cosas Que Amo de Pablo:
1.) Hottie! He makes my heart beat faster just lookin' at his dippling smile! Que guapo! Me hace latir más fuerte mí corazon al ver su sonrisa con margaritas!
2.) He is the world's worst liar--I can always tell when he has a surprise for me! El es el peor mentiroso del mundo--siempre sé cuando el tenga una sorpresa para mí.
3.) He tells me he loves me about 50 times a day--even if I only get to talk to him for an hour, he still fits them all in! Me dice que me ama como 50 veces al dia--aun si le hable solamente por una hora, todavía me lo dice mucho.
4.) He always completes his calling--as the 1st counselour in the Stake YM Presidency, Pablo always has something to do and does it well! Siempre cumpla con su llamamiento--como el primer consejero del HHJJ de la estaca, siempre hay algo que hacer y lo hace bien!
5.) Pablo is sensitive and will get emotional over the sweet things. Pablo es muy sensible y se emociona por las cosas dulces.
6.) He is the most talented publicist I know! He does awesome work and works hard to learn new things every day! El es el publicista con más talento que conozco. El hace un buen trabajo y trabaja fuerte cada dia para aprender cosas nuevas!
7.) He gives the most thoughtful gifts--some of my favorites are my favorite Chilean candies, a beautiful purse and awesome jewelry. El da los regalos mas pulentos--algunos de mis preferidos son dulces chilenos, una cartera hermosa y joyas lindas.
8.) He cracks me up daily! Me hace reir cada dia!
9.) Pablo is always positive about everything. Only twice have I ever heard him complain and before he did it he said, I don't mean to complain but... Wow! I could learn from his example! Pablo siempre es muy positivo de todo. Solamente dos veces le he escuchado quejandose y antes que lo hacia dijo, No quiero quejarme pero...Wow! Podría aprender de su ejemplo!
10.) Pablo was an awesome missionary. I have talked to a few of his companions who have told me that Pablo was their favorite companion--what a great compliment! Pablo fue un misionero excelente. He hablado con algunos de sus companeros que me han dicho que el fue su companero preferido--que complemento mas grande!
11.) He listens to crazy music--he gets in these music zones for months at a time and even though I'm not crazy about Bob Marley, I still love Pablo! El escucha musica loka--se pone en una zona de musica por meses seguidos y aun que no me gusta Bob Marley, le amo a Pablo!
12.) Pablo loves his Super Heros and though he is turning 27, sometimes I wonder if he is really only turning 12. Pablo le encantan los Super Heroes y aun que va a cumplir 27, a veces pienso que realmente va a cumplir 12.
13.) Pablo is an only child and does a lot for his parents without ever complaining like I would do! Pablo es hijo unico y hace mucho por sus padres sin quejarse como yo haría!
14.) Pablo already loves all of my nephews and feels something special for each one already. When Dayton was born, Pablo told EVERYONE that he was a new Uncle again! Pablo ya ama a cada uno de mis sobrinos y se siente algo especial por cada uno ya. Cuando nacio Dayton, Pablo contaba a TODOS que el era un Tio de nuevo!
15.) Since deciding to get married in Santiago, Pablo has been head wedding planner/best groom ever--he is right in the middle of all the plans and has basically taken over all of the major plans--how many girls can say their hubbys did most of the wedding planning?! Desde que nos decidimos a casarnos en Santiago, Pablo ha sido el hombre en cargado de planificar la boda/ el mejor novio--el esta haciendo todos los planes y basicamente ha tomado todos los planes--cuantas chicas se pueden decir que que sus esposos planificaron casi toda la boda?
16.) Pablo has been waking up every morning early to read the Book of Mormon in English--what dedication to learn English! Pablo se levanta cada dia bien temprano para leer el Libro de Mormon en inglés--que dedicación para aprender Inglés!
17.) I love Pablo for who he is and for what he does. He makes me happier then I have ever been and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him. It may have taken us 27 years to get together, but I have eternity to be with him! Amo a Pablo por quien es y por lo que hace. El me hace mas contenta que he estado and estoy animada para estar con el por toda mi vida. Se tomo 27 anos para encontrarnos, pero estare con el por toda la eternidad!

Feliz cumpleanos mi amorcito! Eres mi vida y espero que tu dia sea lo mejor y que lo pases re bien! Gracias por todo lo que haces por mi y por ser el hombre de mis suenos! Happy Birthday!


Merrill Clan said...

It sounds like you have found an amazing man. Wish him a Very Happy Birthday. Keep us updated on wedding plans. Where are you guys going to settle at?

Hillary said...

That's pretty much the sweetest and cutest thing I have ever read, Beck. Please tell me that you are having a reception here so I can go??!!

Palmer's said...

I totally agree with Hillary - so SWEET! You two are so cute and I love to see how happy and positive you both are! Right now is the beginning of your eternity so even though it seems to be taking forever - it's really nothing. Love this post!!

'T' said...

Happy Birthday to Becki's awesome fiance Pablo.

Katy said...

That was so sweet to read, I love reading things like this!!! Happy Birthday to you Man- he sounds terrific and just perfect for you!!!!!

Campbell Family said...

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I cry over everything. I'm so glad you found an amazing person, Becki and I can't wait to meet him. I already love him. (in a brotherly sort of way, of course!)

Diane said...

How cute Becky. I'm so happy for you. I wish I could go to Chile for your weddinh! But I wish you the best. Let me know if you need anything.

Brian and Carly said...

Oh. What a sweet post! Can't wait to meet him, sounds like an incredible guy. Santiago wedding huh. Dang, but how exciting and fun! I remember when you knew like two words in Spanish. Wow, you've come a long way and bypassed us all by 100. love you!

'T' said...

Becki- Check my blog for a rescheduling of the vocal recital... Please invite your mummy and sister!

MattJulieGavin said...

Awww...Becki, it sounds like you've gotten yourself quite the guy. I'm so happy for you!

Jake and Tricia Jones: said...

oh Pablito. I am so excited to meet that boy. He will be such good friends with Jake. Jake needs more grown up friends that like super heroes. Hmmm...super heroes...I am getting all sorts of bridal shower gift ideas...hmmm. We need to play beckita.