Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Tag...

20 Years Ago/Feb. 1988 - I was living in Kansas City, KS attending a Christian Preschool with my best friend Rachel Brandwein. I was such a cute 5 year old!

10 Years Ago/Feb. 1998- I was a freshman at Snake River High School, trying to figure stuff out like friends, boys and all other awkward teenage stuff.

5 Years Ago/Feb. 2003- I was pulling all nighters and changing 60+ diapers a day in Quito, Ecuador at 4 different orphanages. I loved my time with OSSO and it was so hard to come home!

3 Years Ago/Feb. 2005- Roaming the roads of La Cisterna, Chile as a missionary. This month was mainly spent knocking doors and doing 10 contacts a day...oh wait, that was like every day of my mission...

1 Year Ago/Feb. 2006 -Back at BYU-I taking some spanish and communication classes and living with some of my best friends--Michelle Moon and Tricia Marshall. I was also in the RS Presidency and working at the campus Preschool as a translator.

So Far This Year- Came home from a great 3 week trip to Chile, started my LAST semester of school and took on a few more hours at my lovely job at Prosper.

Yesterday- I worked all morning long until I went to class at 3 and after class read some in my book, Miau and then met up with a partner to work on out Ad/PR/Marketing Campaign for my Comm class and then read some more in Miau and chatted on the phone with a good friend until all hours of the night!

Today- Went to classes in the morning until 1 and then came to work at Prosper at 2.

Later Tonight- After I get off at 8, probably read in Miau (I know, I'm never going to finish it!) and then go jogging.

Tomorrow- Work and class again...what an exciting life!

This Year- I GRADUATE! A trip to Pennsylvania for some relaxation and celebration for graduating! Working at Prosper all summer long. And finding a new job somewhere in this crazy world...who knows where I will end up!

I Tag- Erin, Jess, Kayla, Hillary, Diane, Kristy and Janese ( I don't think anyone else really reads my blog...but if you do and you want to do this, consider yourself tagged!)


Tara said...

You've been a busy girl. It also sounds like you've got to see lots of exciting places in the world. Congrats on graduating this year and a summer trip. That will be fun.

Hillary said...

Really, you're just such a cute person! That was fun to read! I probably needed to be tagged because my blog HAS GOT to get updated! UGH!

erin said...

oh mom, i love your new blog!