Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Needs...we all have them!

Okay, for lack of an exciting topic, I found this idea on a different blog. Go to google and type in your name and the word "needs" after it (i.e. Becki needs ) to find out what you really need! Here are a few of the needs that I found out! Kind of entertaining...

Becki needs- poetry or she will shrivel up and die. (not sure about this one...)

Becki needs Facebook. (enough said)

Becki needs a new hair color. (ouch! I like my hair color...)

Becki needs your help!!! (when don't I?)

Becki needs to know what to do Richard! (I guess just Richard will help me...)

Becki...you need to come to Florida. (on my way...making a stop in Miami on my way to Chile!)

Becki needs nothing.

Becki needs a cupid for her psyche. (hmm...)

Becki needs to be flash and cool. (aren't I already?!)

Becki sometimes needs to actually do some proper work! (blogging at work isn't proper?)


Kelly said...

Hey!! So to answer your question.... log in and go to settings, then go to permissions (its the last one). There is a place to ADD AUTHORS. You put in their email address and it "invites" them so they have to accept the invite in their email before they are able. Then you can also make them an Admin if you want so they can do editing and stuff just like you. They don't have to have Admin abilities to be able to post though.

Hope that helps!! Good luck.

Chris & Stace said...

Beck we are definitely blogging buddies. I can't believe you're going to Chile! You always were adventurous. Michelle doesn't have a blog b/c she doesn't have the internet- therefore she's not flash and cool but you definitely are. Love you Becki.