Monday, May 5, 2008

Dinner Catastrophe

I know how much y'all love reading about my mistakes and tradegies. Let's admit it now, they are pretty entertaining. So here's just another one to add to the list. My guy friends are always doing nice stuff for us and we hang out at their house frequently...sometimes daily. So I decided to make them a nice Sunday dinner after a long fast Sunday so they could come over and we could all just chat and enjoy fine cuisine. Right. Great idea, no?
I have church at one-thirty so that meant I needed to get up and get a few things ready before going to church so I could just come home and have less preparing. I knew we were all going to be starving so I was going to be prepared! I started boiling potatoes for the funeral potatoes and I set to making an Angel Food Cake from a mix. This is where it started to go downhill.
I've never made Angel Food Cake, have you? Let's just say it EXPANDS. The mix said to just add water and then mix it but boy did it grow! So I put it in the two loaf pans and read on the box that it could overflow. Yeah right, I thought. And I was wrong! (Imagine that!) It overflowed all right. Luckily I had just gone to peek on the cake and watched a chunk slowly start to fall so I stuck a cooking sheet underneath it. You may think the story is over, but oh no, it's not!
I eventually take the cakes out, just to watch them fall. Nice. I decided to worry about it later and got ready to go to church. Hours later, after I had enjoyed 3 hours in my new singles ward, I go home to start cooking. Little did I know, that I had forgotten to remove the cooking sheets covered in spilled over Angel Food Cake from the oven. All of a sudden, smoke is coming out of the oven and we open it (yeah, we are quick...) and smoke fills the kitchen! For a second, a vision flashed in my mind of my new townhouse catching on fire. Okay, so a bit dramatic but it was funny. As Charles, Joe and Oliver walked in to the smoke filled kitchen, they were a little nervous about how dinner was going to turn out. But don't you fret--dinner was delicious and the smoke smell left the house after a few hours...


Kayla said...

Is that were all the smoke was coming from yesterday. . .your house? Ha, ha. Just kidding. Glad your dinner turned out in the long run!

erin said...

hahahaha - sounds like i taught you a thing or two about cooking. :) please tell me you took pictures of the final product.