Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

What did you do this last weekend? Well, we had too much fun at my house! Friday was Lloyd and Sunni's wedding--it was so fun to see this happy couple get together! Lloyd is my sister-in-law Amber's youngest brother (what a mouthful!) but he has kind of been like another little brother to me for a long time now! I am happy for him and Sunni!And then we just played the rest of the weekend! (While we enjoyed Conference) Because Amber is here from out of town, we had to fit all our fun projects into one weekend! We decided to make these fun watches. Well, we were going to wait until next Saturday but we were too excited to wait! Here is just a sample of how cute they turned out!Isn't it cute? I think so. See--I am super crafty now! And then we decided to make some cake pops---YUMMY! Not so healthy but so cute and super good. We got this idea from Bakerella, a way fun blog! Check it out HERE. Ours were not as...creative, but still taste the same! I hope you all had a great weekend too!


Katy said...

oh crap-- i just wrote you a comment, but i don't think i sent it! well, if i did, disregard this duplicate!! (sheepish grin)

that couple is really cute, so glad you got to go! and the watch... I LOVE IT!!!! seriously, hello, Madame Crafty! it's sooo cute!

and the pops.. YUM! YUUUUUMMM!!

I've been cruising that blog for like 30 minutes... awesome! (ps. honestly, do you really think i need ANOTHER blog that has amazing and decadent recipes for me to try out... not to mention gorgeous pictures that make me want to weep for jealousy??? i think not! thanks A. LOT.) wink wink

Brian and Carly said...

Look at you! You are super crafty now! I hope I catch the bug cause it sure looks yummy and fun! Love ya.

Tara said...

those watches are so fun and cute!! i have made a pinnk and a black one with many more to come!!!

ashley gillespie said...

oh no!!!!!!!! lloyd is married! and that does not look like emily in the photo...haha

erin 'n phil said...

mom, you have a knack for taking really great photos!