Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Busy Nest

Looking for some new recipes? How about just some motherly advice? Or some fun ideas for your home? One of my friends Meredith along with her sister and mother have started a really fun blog called A Busy Nest. Meredith is a classy gal and it shows through their fun blog. The current post right now is a recipe for crab cakes--yum! So go check it out and see what fun things you can find!

Click HERE to go to the blog and enjoy!


Meredith said...

You are so great! Thanks for the shout out. :-) Hope all is well on your end!

Katy said...

oooh! GREAT link, thank you!!!

if you're in SE Idaho... let's get together sometime this summer! BBQ/shopping/lunch/movie/spa day... you know the options are limitless!!!

love ya!

TheSmithLife said...

Thanks! Your blog background beeaauuuuutiful- I love it :) I hope all is well for you- xxoo