Thursday, January 24, 2008

Advanced Visual Media

This is my last semester at BYU-Idaho and I can not tell y'all how EXCITED I am to be so close to be done! I'm counting down the days until I can say that I am no longer a student. But until April 11, I will have to endure the duties of being a student with glee. I am currently taking a class for my Communications cluster called Advanced Visual Media--Caryn Esplin teaches it (for all you ex-Snake Riverites who know her, she's a great teacher!) It is a really hard class for me because I am really not that gifted when it comes to Photoshop, graphic design stuff, designing my own web page, etc. But I really like it--no matter how bad I am!! Here is a picture of a project I was working on last night. We had to blend two pictures together and add a border with a stroke, etc. I combined a picture of snow with a picture of an ice sculpture of the Rexburg temple and I like the way it turned I hope you enjoy it too. And don't worry, I will be posting more of my attempts at success later on.


Alan, Amber, Jackson and Marcus said...

You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

Becki - That is so great! You are lucky to be taking a class from Caryn. She is a great teacher! Not surprising, you are amazingly creative and wonderful. We love you!

Carlos and Janese said...

I'm very excited for you, but I do have to say you owe me a GIANT email girl! What news of Chile....and you know what i mean.