Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Cards

Pablo is making personalized Christmas Cards for anyone who wants one!

You send him the picture or pictures you want, a message you want and if you have any color or design requests. He will send you your card and make any changes you want if you are not satisfied! All for $20!!

Here are a few examples (models were not paid for their posing...)

Let me know if you are interested!


TheSmithLife said...

Cute! Pretty sure I'm too lazy to mail out cards this year but these are great- those models should have gotten paid big bucks they are smokin' hot :) enjoying your holiday music :)

Michelle said...

DARNIT! For the first time EVER I am on top of the Christmas cards and already ordered them. :( He's so talented, I'd still love to use his services, though. Like those adorable make-yourself 3-d pictures he makes??? I would love to buy some for the kids to make of our family. let me know if that's a possibilty! love ya!!! xoxo

In the life of DREW said...

How many cards do I get for $20? I maybe interested.