Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holly Holidays

So here are a few updates to share. Thanksgiving: We were planning on traveling to Utah to stay with my Aunt Nyla and Uncle Vic but because of some icky snow, we stayed in Blackfoot. My sister's in-law's let us crash their Thanksgiving and it was fun!

Pablo has few good Christmas memories so I decided that I would try to fit in every tradition possible for him to REALLY experience Christmas USA style. We played in the snow.

We made Gingerbread houses.

We left cookies and milk out for Santa.

And he came! He even brought Pablo a real TRANSFORMER!

New Year's: We spent with Doug and Laura and my folks playing Wii and games. That is until Doug and Laura fell asleep at 11 we came home and watched the ball drop while sipping Sparklin' Cider!

Oh and don't let me forget our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Unfortunately there are no pictures of that because I had the stomach flu and spent the day puking my guts out. Don't worry, I am over it but I don't think it was very romantic. And definitely not photo-op worthy.

I hope that you all had a great Holiday and may 2011 bring you plenty of wonderful memories!


Jeff & Lyndsey VanOrden said...

How fun!! I think it's fun to see all the things Pablo is getting to do. You guys are such a cute couple it's fun to bump into you at family things!!

Katy said...

i love that you get to really get into ALL the Christmas-y stuff with your new hubby!!! It's awesome! ps. Happy Anniversary! Is "stomach flu" code for "bun in zee oven"?