Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog, Blog, Blog

I have neglected my blog. One of my friends emailed me the other day and asked me if married life was keeping me too busy from blogging. No. It hasn't. I think it is just a whole combination of things.

I read other blogs. I catch up on your life but most the time I don't have time to comment. I need to be better because when I leave comments I hope it lets you know that I care about what is going on. When you leave me a comment it makes me feel like you care. Isn't that silly?

I was reading a friend's blog the other day and I totally think she was right. Sometimes when we blog we put the best on their--the great activities, the cute things are kids say or do, the vacations, the important stuff. But it gives the appearance that nothing is wrong in our lives. It is easy to compare and say wow, they have more, do more, are more...etc. But that is not real life.

So here is my blogging goal--to give you our REAL life. I didn't blog very much last year because I was down, depressed and sad to be separated from my husband. It was HARD. I'm not complaining, I'm just telling the truth. We are seriously very blessed and I love being able to spend every day with Pablo. He is my best friend and makes me laugh harder than anyone. So 8 months away from him was hard but we did it. I wish I would have put more of that on my blog but I didn't. For now on, you will be getting the REAL stuff.

Pablo and I will be speaking in a Spanish Branch on Sunday--this is our 2nd speaking assignment in the 4 1/2 months that we have been together in the US but not in our own ward. Isn't that funny! We are speaking on goals this Sunday and it has really made me realize how important goals are in our lives. We make jokes about New Year's Resolutions but what a great idea to help us pause and think about what we really need to do and become.

Okay, there you have it. Some random thoughts but all true and real. Happy New Year!


'T' said...

B and P... So fun to have an update! Think about you all the time, and my three year old prays for you almost every single day. B, I love Pablo's Christmas sweater, angel, and gift opening! What a great blessing to have him here in the USA and experiencing the Holidays. I keep meaning to ask how his parents are doing in Chile. Let's do FHE again soon. We have the best Wii game for a group. xxx T

Campbell Family said...

I love reading about you, good or bad! I'm glad you had a great christmas! We missed you guys!

Ami Paulsen said...

I care. I heart you.

Jeff & Lyndsey VanOrden said...

I love this! That's so true how we tend to only put the good. Love you guys!

Melissa said...


I look at your blog off and on and wonder how you are doing. This post sounds like you are doing good. I am with you on reading blogs and not commenting since I do that at times as well. I do care but don't have time to comment at times.
Looks like you had a great holiday. Too bad you were sick on your anniversary but I'm sure you did celebrate it sometime.
Take care!

lacey said...

I love your blog and I too mostly just read and not post. It however is a bit awkward when I see the person and know all that is going on and have to admit to them to their face that I just blog stalk. SO HERE WE GO I totally blog stalk you and I love to see what your crazy, awesome life has in store for you!

Katy said...

I agree with ya, blogging is sometimes a very one-sided view of life... and I had a really long long LONG debate with myself about this same thing a couple of years ago. Do I blog about just the happy stuff or about "real life"? So i finally rested on a happy medium for me. I will do the happy stuff on my public blog, but my own private blog is dedicated just like my personal journal would be... ups and downs and victories and defeats and thoughts.... I find myself MUCH more diligent writing in my private blog since it's pretty much my very own sounding board for my life. It's a place where I'm EXACTLY me.

plus, I was worried about all the freaked out phone calls I'd get from family if I'm on my blog venting over how I just want to beat my husband with a stick and send him to bed without supper some nights! :)

love you much, my girl! I'll be watching you! :)

Brian and Carly said...

LOVE this post! So true. Hard for me to blog anything negative when I have so much good. That's why I journal! LOL> But seriously, I would love to keep it more real for sure, and am glad you will be!