Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I guess if I am a TRUE blogger I must participate in the tagging ceremony, right? Hopefully I don't bore you all!

Interesting Fact #1- I love the font Arial. I HATE reading things that are in Times New Roman or other fonts with serif. It's really weird, I know, but ever since I took Caryn Esplin's Visual Media class, I do NOT like serif fonts.

Interesting Fact #2- My favorite vacation so far has been my trip to Palmyra, New York City and DC with Tim, Alan, Amber and Jackson. We had such a great time and I fell in LOVE with NYC. It was really cool to spend adult time with my siblings an
d see some awesome sights.

Interesting Fact #3- I brush with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda and Peroxide.
Nothing leaves my teeth cleaner!!

Interesting Fact #4- I really like argyle. It's my favorite thing to wear. I even have checks with argyle
on it. It's true. I love it!

Interesting Fact #5- I just want to be a Mom. That's all. My nephews are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love them all so much. It's so amazing the love that you can feel for these little people in your life. I can't wait to feel that love for my own children some day.

Interesting Fact #6- I will be graduating with my Bachelor's degree when I am 25. Yup. Possibly the oldest person to do it. If I break some kind of a record, do I get a cut in my student loans?!

Interesting Fact #7- I have had over 50 roommates and that is not including the 20 girls I lived with in Ecuador or my 12 mission companions. Now if I could just settle down and have ONE roommate...

I wish that I could tag seven people but I am pretty sure that 7 people don't read my blog and those that do, have already been tagged before. So, consider yourselves lucky!


Hillary said...

Hey Becky~
I found you through Amber's blog. Is that crazy or what? Your blog is very cute. You look fabulous I must say. How are things going for you? Take care!

Alan, Amber, Jackson and Marcus said...

Thanks for humoring me! I love learning more about you every day!
Has any one told you how interesting you are?
Love ya!

Carlos and Janese said...

Haha, I'm going to be 25 when I graduate with my Bachelor's. I'm graduating this summer....we have a good excuse though...a mission! And, soon you'll probably be down to one roommate wink wink

Kelly said...

Hi! I'm glad you have a blog! We recently just started one too (tonkeykong.blogspot.com) I used to feel exactly like you did about blogging. Funny how our perspective changes. I love seeing what you're up to!

Kyle and Tiffany said...

Becki Campbell! It was great to hear from you. It sounds like all is well for you in Rexburg. Just enjoy the remaining time you do have there, because one day you'll look back and miss it. Keep in touch!