Friday, November 23, 2007

It's official. I am a published author. Okay, it's really not that exciting at all. My boss at Prosper, Inc. has a little side business website and he has hired me (along with a few other people) to write financial articles for his websites. Last week was my first week and I must say that it was more stressful than I thought. For starters, I know little to nothing when it comes to finances (just ask my older brother Alan!) And these articles are far from being creative, exciting or masterpieces of literature. They are pretty boring and plain. But they serve their purpose and I get a nice little extra paycheck every Monday so I have no complaints! If any of you want to check out some of the articles I wrote last week, click here and read the first, third and fourth articles on the page. But don't judge me on the writing!! Most of them were done at 2 am! And remember, if you have any questions regarding your own finances, direct them to my brother, not me!

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Anonymous said...

YEAH Becki! And yea for Monday paychecks! I linked over here from Lar's blog and now I'm stalking you. I added you to my favorites and you can do the same, if you'd like! You are a true gem and I love reading your work.......remember, you and me and letters go WAY back. I hope we can keep in touch a lot more often this way. Love you, Becki!