Friday, June 17, 2011

3 for Thurs...I mean, Friday?

This was supposed to be 3 for Thursday but I obviously didn't get the memo. I took the prompts from my cousin Katy's blog, The House of Estrogen. It's the ins and outs of raising 4 girls--and it's pretty entertaining! Check her out by clicking HERE.

1. Three things I accomplished this week
1. Slept in on Monday until like 8:23.
2. Deep cleaned half of our apartment. (Hey I have the rest of the summer to do the other part...)
3. Mowed my grandpa's lawn.

2. Three things I want to do this summer

1. Go camping!
2. Go swimming at Lava Hot Springs (anyone wanna come?)
3. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

3. Three colors used at my wedding
1. Eggplant purple
2. Lime
3. Spring Green

4. Three things I find repulsive

1. Puke. Ewww.
2. Moldy food in the fridge.
3. Spiders--icky!

5. Three chores I make my husband do
1. Take the garbage out.
2. Make the bed.
3. I don't make him but he always does the dishes after I cook.

6. Three recipes
1. Baked Ziti
2. Baked Jambalaya from Betty Crocker
3. Anything from A Busy Nest

7. Three pictures

Due to a lack of time to upload pictures from my camera you will have to settle for a few of my favorites that my friend Emily took of me. Check out her work HERE.


'T' said...

3 things I love about you:

you always know what to say.
you are fun fun fun.
so optimistic.

Pretty sure I could name more than three.


Eric said...

Thanks for playing! I love your lists!

Anonymous said...

This is so fun reading your blog, Beck!

Anonymous said...

This is so fun, I love all these posts!

Rufuz and Kare said...

Becki Campbell (I don't know your new last name :0))...this is your favorite and highly missed friend Kari and I just found your blog, so you should email me (danostevens@gmail) and I'll invite you to my blog and we can catch up and your life will be satisfied again with me in it:0)