Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day Siete

Have you seen this yet? Swoon my aching heart. Best 3 hours I have spent recently. Even Pablo loved it. Yes, loved. This is BBC's Sense and Sensibility and it is wonderful.

You want to know a true confession? I have yet to read this book. It is currently on the top of my To Read This Summer list. I have read Pride and Prejudice twice now and LOVE it but I think I am ready for another Austin book and I really want to devour this one as soon as my Conference *yawn* is over.

What else needs to go on my list? Please leave me some of your favorites to add to my list!


Katy said...

From what I hear, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a neat read.

P.S. Your blog is supah-cute!

'T' said...

*** these are my fav. period shows:

" Bleak House", Charles Dickens, 2005

The "Christy" series

"Larkrise to Candleford" series (you can watch all of these on YouTube also)

"Road to Avolea" series

"Little Men" series

"Pride and Predjudice" (with Collin Firth) movie

"North and South" movie (2004 BBC) movie

"Wives and Daughters" (1999) movie

"Persuation" (Masterpiece Classic: Jane Austen) 2007 movie

"Emma" (Masterpiece Classic: 2009) movie (Gweneth Paltrow one is adorable too)

Mike & Emily West said...

This version is brilliant!!!!! I am certainly a fan!

Kayleen said...

Wow, I'm so excited to see this now!
I've recently gotten into Shannon Hale. I love all of her books. She has one called "Austenland" about a girl who can't seem to find real love because she's so caught up in the idea of Mr. Darcy. Super cute, let me know if you read it what you think!

Kayleen said...
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