Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2

Last day with students today and I will just admit it...I cried. Well, to be technical I just got a little choked up. I was doing just fine until I looked out at my class, minutes before the bell was to ring and half of them were crying. So I decided to join them.

I have really been blessed with an amazing first year class. These kids have stuck with me and dealt with everything just great. They are polite, respectful and easy to teach. My next year is going to be rough--mainly because I won't have these guys. I could not have asked for a better class or team of teachers to work with.

As part of the Awards Assembly for the kids today, my 6th grade teacher just happened to be there to present some awards. She told the whole school that I was one of her favorites but to be honest, she was one of mine. I really try to pattern my teaching after some of the greats in my life and there have been a few.

So, it's time to end this Teacher's Ramblings and let my kids grow up and move on. But a part of them will always be mine.

Just look at them--how could you not love them?

(Picture taken at American Falls Dam on our field trip, June 1)


'T' said...

welcome summer. those dern kids are so hard to say good bye to. it about kills me when i have a senior voice student graduate. xx t

lacey said...

So sweet! I bet you are an AMAZING teacher! One of those special ones that the kids will never forget.

Anonymous said...

So sweet....:) You touch many lives, becki, including mine!